Saturday, September 13, 2008

Missions in Your Backyard

This should be interesting - I'm babysitting 3 children today (a friend's), cooking up some tomatoes to juice and put away for winter sauce, and typing this post. This'll have to be sort of short.

I just wanted to say a bit about ministry in your "own backyard." We always seem to have this idea that in order to do mission work, we must move "far away." This just simply isn't the case.

I've spent the summer praying for the teens next door. I never see an adult there...just a bunch of teenagers and a toddler (lots of dogs too!) I want to be able to minister to them, but have never taken a step to do so. Finally this week, since I have made no physical move to do anything about that goal, the Lord brought the kids to my step. For the past two days they've come here. One girl in particular seems to want to hang out with me in the kitchen (where else would I be?)

Be careful what you pray for - just as the Lord brought me the Good News 5 Day Club and now the teens next door, He'll be sure to answer you. It just might be in a way you weren't expecting.

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