Monday, September 22, 2008

Make Money - SCAM

Did you receive an e-mail from Raven Media telling you your software order is complete and on it's way? My hubby did. The e-mail gave the last 4 digits of a credit card and a bill to name and address we do not recognize. The e-mail address listed for this account IS my hubby's.

I did some checking and found all sorts of scam complaints against Raven Media. When you click on the links provided in the e-mail, you come to a screen which asks for some personal information to enter the company's "new site."

Please be wary when you receive any e-mails, or even physical mail, claiming you're getting something that you know you didn't ask for. We've had to contend with worse fraudulent mailings. Once we received information from Western Union telling us that our account was set up but we didn't open one. Through numerous e-mails back and forth with this company we finally got it straightened out and the account was canceled. Someone else had opened an account there using my hubby's e-mail address.

Today I got an e-mail from my bank warning about fraudulent e-mails which lead the recipients to a look-alike page where attackers can gain your personal information. I am one of the people who e-mailed this bank about a month ago complaining about e-mails asking for personal information. There were a lot of others too.

We sure do live in a sinful society, don't we? I'm afraid it'll only get worse as the economy worsens.

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