Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cars and More

We are still trying to work out some details concerning Josh's wreck and are finally learning a few things to help. He's able to get another vehicle if he can find one that is worth MORE than he buys it for. HA! Isn't that a big help? Liability insurance only isn't so hot when you still owe money on the totaled car.

The car is still at another lot in town, but at least it isn't racking up any more cost there. It'll be towed here by a guy from our church in a few days. Our hope is to work on it for the next year or so and get it up and running a little at a time. Maybe it'll be Jonathon's first car? Hmmmm.

Tomorrow I go to town, hopefully, for groceries. I'm going through the ads and my coupon book tonight. If you go to the International Delight website, you can get a coupon for $0.75 off a quart of coffee creamer. They have some autumn flavors (limited) that sound great, such as CHOCOLATE!

Later tonight I'll post a picture of something Amanda did that caused Ryan a lot of (unwarranted in my opinion) grief.

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