Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Frugral Programs

Someone asked me to review a site and then give or not give my recommendation to my faithful *cough* readers. This rebate program rewards folks for caring for others by giving cash back rebates for purchases. If you buy diapers or other products for use in caring for children, you might be interested. If you care for a disabled or elderly person, you also might be interested. Visit The Caregivers Marketplace and see if it interests you.

If your library doesn't carry what you're looking for, ask the librarian to find it for you by checking interlibrary loan programs. We watched a movie tonight that we've spent years looking for - even asked the local video store to get it for us - and couldn't find. When the Vanderbilt librarian asked me if there's anything I couldn't find but wanted, I asked for Never Cry Wolf (Disney). Wouldn't you know that she found it from another library? Yeah! We love this movie for some strange reason....if you find it and watch it, be prepared for some weirdness yet something oddly refreshing too.

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