Tuesday, August 12, 2008

False Teachers

I am not a Baptist, Southern or otherwise. Do I have your attention? Good.

A friend from here in town asked me to watch a video message (dealing with false teachers) given by Dr. Charles Stanley (a Southern Baptist) and I really hesitated. Not wishing to hurt her feelings, I finally said I would, and I did (watch it that is.) This message is about dealing with false teachers and is especially relevant to my friend, as well as to me. We both attended the same church at one time and we both felt the sting of a false teacher.

The two points that Dr. Stanley brought out that spoke to me - I've seen it in action - are:

1. A false teacher can come in the disguise of a preacher looking for a church to pastor. He tells the search committee, church board, etc. that he is in full agreement with that church's doctrine when in reality he is not. All the time he's thinking he doesn't believe what that church teaches but he will change it once he's pastor. Then the first thing he changes is usually the music, and he moves from there. I had to laugh when Dr. Stanley said, "Lying is still a sin!"

2. It's ultra important that you read the Bible for yourself and check that what the teacher is telling you is actually in the Bible. If someone asks you how you know the Bible says such and such, you are able to say, "Because I read it."

There are other very good points as well as a few that I personally don't agree with, the security of the believer for example. There are just too many Scripture verses to back up the belief that a person can throw his "free gift" away.

Be self-controlled and alert. "Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour." 1 Peter 5:8 (NIV)


bethanyrae said...

Hi Rita,
I've enjoyed Dr. Stanley's messages. Years ago I used to be able to hear them on the radio regularly, and I learned so much during that stage of my spiritual growth and understanding. He seems to have had some excellent insights.

FromThe Creek said...

I know just what you mean here! I would so much prefer a preacher who is honest about his beliefs (whether right or wrong) to the deceitful ones.

The deceitful ones are out to try to convert Christians while the outspoken (yet mistaken) ones are speaking to people like themselves.

We too have had problems with one that wanted to transform our former church..."in a year or two...when they are ready for it". That was exactly what he said too.