Thursday, August 07, 2008

Frugal Fabric Softener

Christy's blog has a couple of good recipes for laundry detergent (I make the regular one & love it). I decided to go ahead an post the recipe for homemade softener. You'll love it once you use it. (Thanks to Rebecca K. at Hearth & Home).

Fabric Softener

6 cups water
3 cups white vinegar
2 cups hair conditioner (like Suave)

Mix together & bottle. Use about 1/4 cup in the rinse cycle. You can adjust the amount you use up and down depending on the softness of your water, load size, etc.


Greenbaby said...

What a great tip! Do you feel like this helps with line-dried laundry? We're looking forward to trying this soon!

Rita T. said...

I absolutely think this helps with line-dried clothing. Towels still might be a little stiff but they smell better than with no softener at all. The rest of the clothing is definitely softer.
Rita T.

Anonymous said...

I've never tried a homemade fabric softener. I hang laundry on the line most the time in the summer (weather permitting). Vinegar in the final rinse alone has helped with "stiff" issues.

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