Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Smell of Ginger & Other Interesting things

My bedroom smells like ginger. That's because I have a box of Ginger & Coriander Soap on top of my dresser. Jeff says the smell is strong and I agree, but it's a nice sort of strong. Hands down, this is the best soap I've made yet. I prefer it over the Apples & Oatmeal soap and that's hard to beat. This soap has bits of coarsely ground coriander, ground ginger, and ground calendula petals in it. I also added a bit of stearic acid and replaced some of the soybean oil with olive oil. The result is a hard bar that lasts, a spicy smell that lasts, and a bar with a scrubbing yet soothing effect. I love it. Nothing's better than using natural products on your skin as well as for food. If you can't eat it, don't put it on your body's largest organ.

Speaking of skin and food products, I found a little bit of interesting info I thought I'd pass along. This is about ginger, no surprise there. It's been found to help ward off migraines and arthritis pain by blocking prostaglandins. I knew there was a reason I found the ginger soap to be so soothing!

I have mild psoriasis so anything related to that issue catches my eye. The summer sun aggravates my elbows, the area where I have the most problems. According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, certain foods can aggravate psoriasis when sunlight is added to the equation. Fennel and celery are two of the most suspect. The herbs St. John's wort and masterwort are also bad at interacting with sunlight to worsen psoriasis symptoms and they also increase risk of sunburns. Now I rarely sunburn and neither do my children but that's not to say it doesn't happen at all. It's best to be informed and be careful.


Christy has an interesting post concerning natural wart removal. You might want to check that out.


Since the National Cherry Festival has been going on in Traverse City, I thought I'd share with you a few reasons to eat cherries:

  1. Protect your heart
  2. Combat cancer
  3. End insomnia
  4. Slow aging (I have young looking skin and want to keep it!)
  5. Shield against Alzheimer's Disease (It's a huge concern in my family; my mom's youngest brother got Alzheimer's when he was still in his 50's)

I want to share with you one last piece of info that a doctor related. "If all of my patients drank a glass of Metamucil each day, they could cure most of their ailments."

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