Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Healthy Experiment

I'm told the Detroit Free Press Sunday paper is stuffed with coupons so I'm going to buy one this week. We'll see what goodies it holds. I'm hoping that I can save enough money with coupons and offers to begin a new experiment. My spouse and children are going to be my lab rats. I'll be the mad scientist.

What I want to do is try 30 days (straight) of implementing one healthy food or exercise habit (or whatever I can think of). I'll have to stock up on healthy foods which means cut back on meats and junk food. I already make nearly every meal from scratch, but there has to be more. I was thinking tonight as I watched hubby, daughter, and three sons stuff hamburger into their bellies - what can I do to make them healthier? How can I make healthy food appealing and how can I get it into my grocery cart without spending the entire grocery allowance? Hmmm.

I'm going to begin this after planning and restocking....probably on August 1. That makes it easy to do a 30 day experiment - just have to remember that August has 31 days! HA! Wouldn't want to make the eldest son eat and live healthy for one day longer than he has to. He'll buy junk food on the sly anyway, but the others won't have it so easy. Jonathon's already a health nut so he won't be a problem with food but to get him to bed early and then up early is a good goal.

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