Saturday, July 26, 2008

Freezing with Food Saver

I froze up another 4 quarts of green beans today along with 4 pints of peas. The Food Saver machine (below with beans) sucks the air out of the bags and when you're done you end up with this tiny little thing that leaves you wondering if it'll be enough to feed a hungry family. You'll notice that I wasn't on top of things when you see the bag of peas (lower right) that I forgot to turn the dial to VACUUM & SEAL for. Because the veggies have to be blanched before freezing, they have moisture in them that prevents the bags from sealing properly. I placed them unsealed in the freezer for about ten minutes and then vacuum, seal, and then turn the dial to SEAL ONLY and seal a 2nd time to be certain no air's going to get in. That's what made me forget to turn it on the one pea bag. It's okay, though, because we'll use them up first.

I noticed that the beans are LOADED with blossoms and will be ready to pick again in a few days. I'll end up with a lot larger batches then. The peas are still producing - yeah! they're my favorite. And I also noticed that my 5 cucumber plants, which had only blossoms on last night, are already bursting with little cucumbers about an inch long. I haven't decided what I'll do with them since we still have some dill pickles left from last year. I'll probably do some bread & butter pickles and give some cucumbers away to people in the community.

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