Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Flowers & Kitties

Here's a picture of Amanda with Jack, the remaining kitten. Tonight a man came and got the little girl we were calling Sophie. I guess her new name is Midnight. Amanda bawled and said, "When Jack breeds I'm keeping all the girl kittens!" HA! She hasn't learned about the birds and the bees yet.

I love to garden, as everyone knows. Long ago I decided not to have a flower garden, much to my husband's chagrin because his mother always had large flower gardens. Word to the wise: When you get married, expect your husband to want you to do things the way his "mother did it." Anyway, I decided that I needed to put my energies into growing food in order to feed us and save money. So, it's what I've done since forever.

I did learn one thing along the way: I don't have to give up pretty flowers for veggies. I can have them both!

Here is oregano just ready to bloom into beautiful purple flowers that the bees love.

This is sage that is just bursting with delicate lavender colored flowers that draw butterflies and bees alike.

Here is my very large chive plant that just finished flowering. Again, the flowers are purple. Butterflies and bees frequent this plant.

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bethanyrae said...

Nice pictures. Love that dark purple color....
Let me know if you'd like some perennial flower seeds to put in somewhere. You can look up my old posts to see what I probably have.