Monday, July 21, 2008

Check Their Ingredients

I've been checking ingredient labels A LOT these days. As I've mentioned before, I take a dose of Metamucil each evening to add fiber to my diet and to reduce cholesterol (I don't know if I have a cholesterol problem or not, but figuring I had a gall bladder three times the normal size and stuffed with stones 10 years ago, I'm assuming it's a problem). The other day I thought I'd check a store brand of psyllium husk - the main ingredient in Metamucil - since it was so much cheaper.

Here's the ingredient list: Sucrose , Psyllium Husk , Citric Acid , Natural and Artificial Orange Flavor , Sodium Lauryl Sulphate , FD&C Yellow No. 6 , Citric Acid , FD&C Yellow No. 6 , Natural and Artificial Orange Flavor , Sodium Lauryl Sulphate , Sucrose

Would somebody explain to me why a fiber supplement would have a foaming chemical that's also a known irritant in it? This supplement is ingested! After seeing what sodium lauryl sulphate did to Evan's skin - huge purple boils that hurt like crazy - I don't want to drink it. I'll stick with Metamucil, which doesn't list sodium lauryl sulphate as an ingredient.

Here's how describes the chemical: Both are SLS and SLES are common ingredients, which create foam and bubbles, and are found in most shampoos, cleansers, shower gels and bubble baths. They are cosmetic detergents that degrease and remove oil from the hair and skin.

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