Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Tonight Evan was weed-eating. He didn't notice that Ryan was too close and he really got Ryan's leg with that weed-eater. I heard screaming and ran outside to see Ryan's leg bloody and really looking bad. After cleaning it up, I saw that his leg resembled some of the slave pictures I'd seen--those with people's backs whipped to shreds. It made me think of Christ.

Ryan screamed for a long time over his sore leg. It's looking better now, a few hours later. He's going to be fine, but it stung for a long time and he was in pain. He cried and cried - loudly.

Jesus took a beating on his body many times over the lashing Ryan received from the weed-eater. Yet Jesus didn't scream out. The Bible says that He remained silent. Wow. To not accuse those who were beating Him. To not scream out in agony. To not crumble underneath the physical pain underneath a horrible pain of sin boring down upon Him - my sin, your sin. Wow. What a Saviour, huh?

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bethanyrae said...

OW! That hurt just reading it. You should have seen Josiah when we read it to him. I think you call it sympathetic pain?