Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Winter is Gone

Just thought I'd share some photos to show you that winter has now left the north country and summer's on its way. Above are tulips next to my house with bluebells and (gasp) a dandelion.

Below is my freshly tilled garden. I put in peas, lettuce & spinach today ... oh, and Ryan planted radishes. The big plant is my chives. It's always the first to come up.

Below is my rhubarb plant growing nicely. I got the chives and the rhubarb from Debbie before she moved to West Branch...she's now in the U.P.

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bethanyrae said...

I forgot how big your garden was. It looks really huge, at least in the picture. I've always noticed your diligence and hard work at providing for your family, and this is one evidence of it. I know you work really hard.
(I prayed over your picture of the garden, that the Lord would bless it and that you have a plentiful harvest.)