Friday, May 02, 2008

Voice Your Opinion

One of the great freedoms we still have (marginally) in America is the freedom to express our opinions. Go here to read information from the American Family Association regarding giving your opinion to Proctor & Gamble about their recent drive to promote homosexuality. There's a toll-free number you can call, follow the prompts, and hang up. You don't speak to a live person unless you really want to.

I don't think just giving your opinion is sure to PRAY. And speaking of prayer, the National Day of Prayer was yesterday, but you can pray around the clock every day, all day, no matter where you are. Doubt that? How about when you're doing dishes. How about when you don't think you can make it through another math session with your 4th grade boy (uh, that's for me)? How about when you're exhausted at the end of the day? At all of those times you can pray. It doesn't have to be a lengthy well-versed prayer; a simple "Help me Lord" or "Thank you, Father" helps YOU. That's right; prayer is for you. God doesn't actually NEED your prayers, but the Bible says that He covets them and stores them in bowls. They are as sweet smelling incense to Him. I'll have to do another post on that and what the book of Revelation has to say about it. For now, just know that God loves it when you talk to Him.

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