Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Prayer Letters

My sister called me yesterday and talked to me about a letter she received from St. Matthew's Church in Houston, TX. Along with a letter was a "prayer blanket" that she was supposed to kneel upon when in prayer. She was asked to use the blanket (actually a large piece of paper) within the next 24 hours and then mail it back right away to St. Matthew's. If she ardently prayed and returned the blanket within the 24 hour time frame, she was promised she would have whatever she prayed for - money, a good relationship with someone, etc.

Tonight I looked up this St. Matthew's Church online. There are a LOT of churches out there and they all claim to be "right."

Read the Bible and you'll know what's right and what's wrong. It's not a mystery and you don't have to use a large piece of paper in prayer to talk to God. He's not going to give you a lot of money if it isn't best for you...He's not going to bless your relationships if your heart's not right before Him and before your neighbor...He wants you to have faith in Him, not false security.

By the way, Debbie threw the letter and prayer blanket away.


SuzyScribbles said...

I couldn't help it laughing over this entry. My college son received a "green prosperity handkerchief" in the mail at his dorm room. He thought it was so bizarre that he brought it home on break and I thought it was outrageous! That ANYBODY would believe this stuff blows me away (well, I guess that explains why so many folks are following after Obama).

Here is the link for your joke of the day:

The thing that threw up the red flags is the absence of the Gospel message in this "Faith" of his.

Oh, and thanks for posting that little graphic for my contest. How sweet of you!

I originally came over here to ask you why you thought the Blogspot account is easier to use than HSB. I have my Blogspot account, but if you go to it, you'll find it's pretty standard. I can't figure out ANYTHING on Blogspot--like how to make a custom heading or how to even post something else in my sidebar like you did with the contest graphic. *she sighs*

I only have the account so I can comment on other blogspot accounts. I think HSB is easier to manage. If you have any "hints" I wouldn't mind trying them out on Blogspot. :-)

bethanyrae said...

Was she asked to put money in it when she mailed it back? I remember getting a folded piece of paper in the mail with russian writing on it, said to be a page from a Bible. I was to fold $50 in it and mail it back to cover the publishing and shipping of it to the Soviet Union. If not, there would be a page missing from their Bible, and imagine how a single page from God's word could have such an impact on a whole town!!! Or NOT!!! I wrote him a letter. And was promptly taken off the mailing list. ha. Years later I saw that he was arrested for fraud. There are all types out there.