Thursday, May 29, 2008

Miscellaneous Thoughts

**In case you haven't noticed, tonight I disabled comment moderation. This is an experiment to see if I once again get nasty comments or if a few people got it all out of their systems elsewhere. If all goes well I won't have to moderate anymore.**

'Tis the graduation season once again. None of my children are graduating this year, but we know several kids who are. I want to extend a huge congratulations to all of them here whether we actually make it to all of the open houses or not. I know that last year when Josh graduated I was exhausted yet so very proud of his accomplishments. I'll feel the same with the other four kids when it is their turn (Jonathon graduates next year, by the way).

Wow, to be 18 and facing your whole life ahead of you. I'm one of those rare people who'd love a second chance at life. I'd try to do it better.


Jonathon is getting glasses. He picked out frames today and though I wasn't there, I'm told they're really "sweet." He can't wait (truth...he really wants to see things clearly.)

Before I get off this post I was wondering a couple of things:

Has anyone read "The Shack" and would you tell us all what you think about it? I have not read the book and probably won't, but others either think it's a horrible book or it's the best thing they've ever read.

Also, what do you think about the Subway restaurant chain discriminating against homeschoolers? Will you boycott them? Personally, I'm so disappointed with Subway. I have had disagreements with them before concerning other topics and this is just one more to add to the list of offenses. There are plenty of other good restaurants around, many of them less costly, so I doubt we'll continue to patronize them.


bethanyrae said...

Hi Rita,
Subway has retracted or something like that. You can get the info from American Family (AFA). They were wanting the prize to benefit a bunch of kids somewhere or something like that. I think they were just really ignorant and didn't want one family to get the prize and hog it or something. It is pretty huge.
I take it we'll be getting a picture of Jonathon?
And I'm not at all familiar with "The Shack." Hadn't even heard of it yet. Funny about the divergent reviews. Makes me curious.

toby said...


I read The Shack and found it to be very profound, easy to read, and it kept me awake at night thinking deeply about my faith, the world, and who and what God is.

It also made me think a lot about forgiveness and how I should live in light of the hurt and hell people have brought into my life.

I recommend it to anyone.

FromThe Creek said...

Hey Rita,

I just did some research on this book and found it to be like the Emerging Church Movement. It portrays God as being neither male nor female, obviously illiterate, and non-judgmental (all of which go against everything taught in the Bible). That is just a portion of the book that is being scrutinized as being heretical.

The author advertises the book as "God as you have never seen him before". That in itself speaks volumes about his thoughts on the Bible (the only place true place to see God's nature). I wouldn't read this or recommend this to anyone.

FromThe Creek said...


Go here to see what Chuck Colson has to say about this book. It is very insightful.