Sunday, March 09, 2008

A Short Absence

I probably won't post here for a couple of days as my husband is in the hospital and I'm worn out, both creatively and physically. It appears that he has a blood clot. They are treating it with blood thinners in the form of a shot given in the stomach every 12 hours. He might come home tomorrow sometime. He will have to give himself the shots for a few more days, until the Coumadin (blood thinner in pill form) kicks in.

We've been through this before 10 years ago, but back then I only had three little boys. Now we have four "little" boys and one little girl, and only one of the boys have graduated. And has he really graduated? I can't tell because he keeps asking me for assistance with his college assignments!

Anyway, I quickly want to tell you about the joy I experienced this afternoon when our senior pastor (our church attendance runs about 650) and his wife popped into the hospital room. We used to attend the Gaylord Evangelical Free Church 10 years ago (about the time of the first clot!) and stayed there for a year before we thought the church was too large. We left there at that time and since then have been to several smaller churches that we thought would be better. Now we've come full circle and have found that none of the smaller churches were "better." In some ways the problems those little churches experience make me wonder why they always stay tiny.

I have to get to the point of this post...sorry.

Back to the joy of our visit today: A prominent man in the community, the senior pastor of a large church, came to visit another man in the hospital today. This poor man had rejected the church the pastor represented and had humbly returned. The pastor welcomed him with open arms and in turn, humbly served the other. I think that is greatness in the Kingdom and I have joy in my heart today in spite of the struggles I'm going through with Jeff being ill.

Praise God for His blessings.

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We're praying for you all.