Sunday, February 17, 2008

Your Refund?

We're getting a bunch of freezing rain this morning (throughout the day) so our church, along with most others, are closed. The boys are really bummed out because youth group is also canceled for tonight. I say better safe than sorry. Ryan, Amanda and I read a Keys for Kids devotion and then sang some songs from some old Baptist Hymnals we have here. I want to listen to another installment from John Courson's Revelation study later this afternoon.

What's on my mind today is the refund that the government is supposedly going to send us. I'm worried that people will do just as the government is hoping: go out and blow it on material goods. Now, if you can afford your monthly expenses now and you don't have outstanding debt, I say go ahead and do whatever you want (within moral limits) with the money. But if you are in debt to your eyeballs, what good is it to you to spend what is probably someone else's tax money, on more stuff?

This is a good opportunity for the majority of Americans to knock down a little debt. We will be spending whatever money we get on the debt load we carry. I think it's extremely important to show ourselves worthy by spending responsibly.

I've been using coupons more and more and taking advantage of the deals that stores like Walgreens offer. It's making quite a difference in our monthly expenses. I gave up Diet Coke about three weeks ago and besides causing us to spend less in soda pop, it's made me feel healthier. The electric shock sensations I was having in my head at night have disappeared. I think it was Aspartame overload (poisoning?) I want to research that more. I'll let you know what I find out.

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