Sunday, January 06, 2008

Youth Retreat

First off, what's up with this crazy weather? Must be January Thaw. It's been almost 50 degrees here and now we can see bare grass! The driveway is nothing but an ice sheet and is sort of scary, as is our road (and I'm sure many of the country back roads.) The snowmobile trail is in bad shape. And a heavy fog is draped over our world. I'm not complaining, though it would be nice to see some sun once in a while.

Johnny and Evan just came back today after a couple of days at a Christian youth retreat at a really nice camp. We hadn't signed up for it since it was to cost each kid $110, but Friday night, 1/2 hour before the church bus was to leave, we got a phone call from the youth pastor. He said some kids cancelled at the last minute and would Johnny and Evan want to go? Here's the best part - it would cost them nothing. They just had to get there ASAP but they would wait for them. Needless to say, they packed in 15 minutes and were out of the house. Jeff said that when he went in to sign the permission slips, a teenage girl smiled wide and said to Johnny and Evan, "Hi Guys!" Eeek.

Well, they had a good time, got to go to a Christian concert each night - I can't remember the band's name. I guess I'm not up on rock bands. And Jay Laffoon was the keynote speaker. Johnny said he's very energetic.

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EmJ said...

mm, nice weather here! probably in the high 60's, low 70's. something like that. It's really nice. :) I can wear my t-shirts.

that's great about Johnny and Evan! Good oportunities.