Sunday, January 20, 2008

When You Have To

We were very fortunate this year concerning Josh's college expenses. He qualified for enough money from the federal government and the state to pay his way through without taking out a student loan. This even included his books.

Most people don't get by this easily; I know Jeff didn't and we had to pay back student loans for some time. Johnny will be going to college soon - hopefully with grants and scholarships - but if he needs extra finances, we'll be looking for the best solution. With the financial crush in Michigan, I've been doing more and more research on the web concerning the college loan issue.

For other people the concern might be getting a Home Owner Insurance Quote or other financial quote. Our home owner insurance has been rising steadily even though home prices are going down in northern Michigan. Along with car insurance, we're ready to begin shopping for the best deals without compromising quality.

During these difficult times we need to be good stewards and search out all possible ideas for handling our money wisely. Finance Genius has several good articles concerning credit scores and identity protection too.

Pray about what's right for you.

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