Saturday, January 05, 2008

Weight Loss Solutions

Nearly everyone I know has struggled with his or her weight at one time or another. I've known a few who've had trouble gaining weight, but more likely than not, it's being overweight that's the problem. And that's a BAD thing as so many illnesses are a result of obesity.

As for me, I was a skinny girl until sometime after I'd had three of my five children. When you're only five feet tall, you really have to watch the pounds. Perhaps watching the weight is what was my problem as it caused me to focus on food rather than other more important things. I was able to lose the pounds and keep it off for a few years now without diet pills or surgery, but other people may not have it as easily. Sometimes there are other issues involved and for those folks, they have my empathy.

I don't recommend that surgery be the first place you jump, but if you've tried everything else and find that your doctor suggests surgery, you should look to a proven and safe one. If you are considering lap-band surgery research it thoroughly. It's a proven laparoscopic surgery that uses "bands" to sort of shrink your stomach in order to allow it to hold a smaller amount of food. You won't overeat. I know a guy who had this done and if he overeats he gets sick to his stomach. He lost a lot of weight and has kept it off for something like forever so for him, it worked.

So, if you're considering lap-band surgery, do your homework and talk to your doctor.

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