Friday, January 18, 2008


I have a house full of sweeties :) They think they are anyway. I'm dreaming up what I would get them for a nice surprise - Valentine's Day is coming up you know. Anyway, with the help of I might be able to find something reasonable. Amanda is now into jewelry big time so I'd shop some deals. It's perfect for six year old girls - and older.

For my wonderful hubby I'd see about looking up some great Macy's Coupons. I've always wanted to shop at Macy's and they seem to have lots of great stuff for men as well as women. And then there's .....ME! I just love traditional Valentine's chocolate and it seems to love me too because once I eat it, it sticks "around" forever :)

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calvin said...

Thanks for reminding me about buying a gift for Valentine's Day. Macys Coupons are great for the shoppers and they have a wide selection of items.