Wednesday, January 09, 2008

State Specific Recipes

If you're interested in learning (and trying out) some state specific recipes, go here. This site is really nice and you can find tons of recipes - I'm talking old and authentic - that you might be able to use if you're like me and create most of your meals from scratch. I live in Michigan so I found lots of cherry recipes. I also copied a bunch of pastie ones as well, which is a dish they eat up in the Upper Peninsula a lot. Jeff loves them; I don't. It'll have to be a rare treat for him since they are usually smothered in gravy. As an aside, they're also a popular item in England.

I also browsed Indiana a lot since that's really home for me; I grew up there and my family all lives there. I'm even eager to try out some southern recipes since Jeff has family from Kentucky and Tennessee.


FromThe Creek said...

I went there and I found the recipe for Chocolate Gravy that my mom used to make for us when we would visit her. It was just kind of nice to see the history behind it. All I ever knew about it was that my hillbilly relatives had been making it forever. It was very good to eat though, I think I will give mom a call this weekend (hmmm).


bethanyrae said...

Yeah, I wasn't too impressed with the "nasty pasty" I tried once. I think it was too heavy on the turnips or something. And I'm not into gravy unless it's on mashed potatoes or turkey.
Now, chocolate gravy...that sounds interesting. Not just a chocolate sauce?