Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Further Education Online

I have to reveal a secret dream with you. Since Josh has been going to college my desire to finish school has popped up again. I only went one year, working toward a business degree. Now here I am 20+ years later and regretting my decision to quit college.

Here's what I would do differently, given the chance to finish my degree:

I'd finish my bachelor's degree and then pursue an MBA in e-business. I think that in the future, those with master's degrees are going to be the ones who are hired for the better paying jobs. Not only that, but just the fact that it feels so good to accomplish something worthwhile - education - is probably enough motivation for me.

Since it's nearly impossible for me to travel to school (I teach my kids at home, plus I have no car), pursuing an online mba would most likely be the route to go.

Columbia Southern University Online is a good place to start since the tuition seems fairly affordable and the textbooks are provided at no extra cost. I don't know; an online mba seems appealing to me. If things change here and I can go back to school, I'll probably be looking at this school for my MBA.

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