Thursday, December 13, 2007


I suppose it's time for a new entry so here goes.

It is FRIGID here in the great white north. Thankfully, it hasn't snowed too much in the last couple of days and we even saw some sun. No sun today, though.

My oldest son is in Mississippi on a missions trip with our church and is due to be back home on Saturday morning. He'll be tired and then he has to go to work at his new job that same day. Being the youngest person on the 7 man/woman team (in Mississippi), I'm sure they gave him the heaviest work. The job is hanging drywall. HA! He'll learn what it's like to really give of yourself for the benefit of someone else, and that's what I've been praying all my children will experience at some point.

My husband and I are still going through the John Courson study on Revelation. Today we listened to the section referring to the 144,000. People have so misunderstood what and who that number refers to that it's pathetic. I've always believed it refers to the Jews and I still do. This study confirmed that and more.

I think there are many other instances in the Bible where Christians (and other groups) have taken what God stated completely out of context. They try to claim that God gave up on the Jews and now gives what He had for the Jews to their own little group. God has NOT given up on the Jews and they are still the elect - the chosen race. They will be brought back together and will have received all of the promises they'd been given by God. For us to arrogantly claim that what was given to the Jews is now ours is wrong. Yes, we are God's children, but we are adopted children. For people who have been/have adopted children, you'll know that this is in many ways more special.

All of this is to say that I am learning much and am beginning to really see why Jesus said that whoever reads and takes to heart the book of Revelation will be blessed.

If you haven't studied this prophetic/inspired book of the Bible, I urge you to do so. Many pastors have done studies on them and tapes/books are available to assist you. I went through a study using David Jeremiah's tapes and I know that Chuck Swindoll and Erwin Lutzer have both done them as well. And you can click on my link for John Courson to get the study we're using. And then you can always study it through on your own using your Bible and a good concordance.

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