Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I'm not inspired to write lately, thus the sparse offerings. I think I'm probably feeling a little bit burned out. We've had snow every day since Thanksgiving and it's really piling up. The other day we had so much snow that it took three of us to get the driveway shoveled. This morning the snow plow went barreling through and hit our garbage can (which was filled) and put a huge gash in the side of the can. Garbage was all over the road as well as the garbage can itself. Phooey. At least they didn't hit the mailbox this time.

Jeff and I have been doing a Jesse Tree this year with the kids. We read a select Scripture passage and then sing a few songs out of our Baptist Hymnals (the singing isn't normally a part of the process but we like to do it) and then Amanda and Ryan do a craft, cut it out, and hang it on a tree -or a plant, in our case. Tonight we read about the Tower of Babel and I just happened to have two coloring sheets with the tower on them. That worked.

If you'd like to do a Jesse Tree you can find directions easily on the web. We got our directions from Jesse Tree.com.

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bethanyrae said...

Thanks for the info on the Jesse tree. I've been seeing references made to it all over HSB, but had never heard of it before. It looks like a really good thing to have the kids understand.