Thursday, December 06, 2007

Global Freezing

It sure is cold here. I've heard it said that we are experiencing global warming but I have to wonder: where is the warming? It's absolutely freezing up here! Last night at Bible study someone mentioned that this has already been a cold hard winter for us in the north. I do know that we have more snow on the ground now than we usually do in January.

Now I'm not complaining actually, though I know it sounds like I am. The snow brings tourism to our area and tourism brings money to our area, which in turn, brings money to my husband's paycheck. Tourism? Yeah, like in snowmobiling and skiing. Not my idea of fun but a whole lot of people who have nothing better to spend their money on like to do it.

Hey Debbie, heard it was 0 degrees in Escanaba this morning! Brr.


In other matters, I wanted to mention something else about our Bible study. I almost didn't go because it was, of course, snowing and I get so nervous on the roads. But I went and was greatly BLESSED. The topic of the evening was personal trials, suffering and pain. I think every person in the room is struggling with some sort of trial and the whole study was so very relevant to each and every one of us. One woman shared how her children (save one) has left the church. It broke my heart to see her suffering for her children like that. It's what mothers do...suffer for the sake of their children and it's a hard thing to go through.

I came away knowing that when God opens a door, no one can shut it. And when God shuts a door, no one can open it. How great to know that He has all things in control and our only job is to trust Him with all (and who) that we have. How can we know we're in the center of His will? By getting so close to God that we hear Him speak to us.

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