Monday, November 05, 2007

Success at Last!

I got so sick of seeing my photo on the first page that I had to hurry and come up with another post. After letting my batch of pine scented soap cool and set up for 2 days, I finally got it out to cut into bars. I held my breath as I unwrapped the molds from the towels - used to keep the heat in. The last two batches were bombs and I had to rebatch them. Well, turns out this one was fine. I think the problem was all of the hassle I had getting a digital scale. This is the first time I got everything weighed out precisely with a Digiweigh scale that actually worked! Anyway, below is what the soap looked like as I took the sides off the molds. See the pink color? Not sure where that came from...I wanted it to be white. Pink doesn't go with the manly scent. Ha.

This picture shows the soap after it was cut into 1 inch wide bars. I ended up with 29 bars. I sure hope they cure alright and I have no problems. It will take 3 to 4 weeks for the soap to cure and become mild enough to use on the skin. Any sooner and you can get lye burns.


Christine said...

You should see if Josh will buy some of your pine scented soap. I know he likes to smell of Christmas trees a whole lot, and he'd like to smell that way for the entire year! I actually saw Christmas tree smelling cologne at J.C. Penny's! Apparently people like the smell.

God bless,

Tracker said...

Ok ok,
I will use it;) We'll see if I actually smell like trees;)

bethanyrae said...

You all are just too much....I'm about speechless.

Supernatural said...

I didn't know people actually wanted to smell like trees.... new concept. haha. ;)

hey, i would keep the pink if I were you.