Sunday, October 21, 2007

Redneck Hunter

The redneck hunter, glaring and staring down his prey!!!!!


Christine said...

wow... he really is a redneck... yick! ;) hehehe just kidding... about the "yick" part.
God bless,

Supernatural said...

Is that the 32 special, or the 12 gage shotgun?

Rita T. said...

This one is a 20 guage shotgun.

Tracker said...

LOL, Nice picture, eh?;) By the way, thats a 12 GA shotgun....Johnny told you wrong mom;)
"The Redneck Hunter"

Supernatural said...

ummm, the "nice picture" part can be debatable, Tracker. lol, jk. although, it probably wouldn't hurt you TOO much to smile once in a while.... gosh.