Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Ryan and Amanda went to Pioneer Club tonight - the first of the season. I didn't realize it would cost me $36 for the two of them so I had to scramble. I barely brought enough money with me. Jeff and I then went to our Bible Study at the Belt's. We had to sneak out though before it was finished to pick up Ryan and Amanda.

As we were leaving the Belt house I noticed, as usual, the perfectly neat entry way. I absolutely love things to be organized. I think I crave it, but it never seems to come together at my house. Things were easier when I only had 3 little boys versus the 3 big ones, 1 medium sized one, and 1 little girl that I now have. My home seems to be in chaos.

For example, I nearly tripped on the first step going out in the garage tonight. Why? Only because there were 16 million pairs of shoes scattered about. Once I got past the shoes I had to dodge empty cardboard boxes, two garbage cans, two butterfly nets that were just lying in the middle of the floor, a ton of empty pop cans that need returning, a walk behind lawn mower with the grass clipping bad taken off and put in the middle of the floor in hopes someone would stumble into it, and a host of other objects that need to be put AWAY!

I hate cleaning garages. But maybe if I had some cool storage bins or tall lockers it would be a bit easier to do. You see, the problem is that our garage won't hold all of the stuff that we own, much less two cars, which is why you'll usually see our vehicles parked outside of the should-be-spacious garage.

And maybe if we got the garage organized chipmunks could find a nifty place to hide rather than scramble around until Snowflake catches them.

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Christine said...

At least you guys have a garage... though, I bet if we get one, it will have more junk in it than yours ;)
God bless,