Monday, October 29, 2007

My Creative Endeavors

By now you might have noticed that some of my posts are sponsored by advertisers and you’re wondering why…

In my quest to make money from home and thus continue homeschooling the children (not to mention the fact there are no jobs up here and that we are a one car family) I scoured the internet for work-at-home jobs. I found a site called payperpost. This is a great way for me to combine blogging and my love of writing and earn extra money at the same time.

Most of the opportunities to blog about at payperpost pay an average of $5.00, but many are greater than that. I get to choose which opportunities to sign up for and I’m given ample time to create the post.

I’m still working on Heaven is High and freelancing for magazines when I can. But there are times that I’m up against a wall and need other opportunities as well.

This is a good opportunity for me…hey, I can write in bed with my laptop. You can’t beat that for a job!

So, you needn’t wonder about the sponsored posts any longer. I’ll be creating these now and then and I won’t ever take a post opportunity unless I can endorse the sponsor myself. I wouldn’t feel right about advertising for someone unless I agreed with them or found they were a worthy company.

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