Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm Ready

The last time we stayed in a motel was when Jonathon (a.k.a. Johnny) participated in the 4-H state awards program in Lansing, Michigan. It was kind of hard to find a motel that our family could stay at and at a good price. We scoured the internet until we found one close to MSU that fit our criteria for a good place to stay. Wish we had known someone to stay with back then because it might have made things easier.

Anyway, we finally did find a motel but it was a bit more costly than we would have preferred. Still, beggars can’t be choosy.

Now I find that there is a place for Hotel Reservations that allows you to search for motels in virtually any city you want—even foreign countries. Reservations can be made online, or by phone if you prefer, and at a competitive rate. HotelReservations.com is also the place to visit if you’re interested in booking flights, car rentals, vacation packages and more, all at a good savings—as much as 70% off.

I’d like to stay at a Bed & Breakfast sometime. I think the place we stayed at in Grayling years ago on the river probably was one. Anyway, the bed & breakfast I’d like to visit would be in the Smoky Mountains. I searched for a bed & breakfast in Gatlinburg…no, I’m not going to follow the boys down there…and I found a really elegant one. Turns out this B&B is suitable for children which is a plus for us. We’ve never gone on vacation without small children and that’s not going to change for several years yet!

HotelReservations.com has really good prices on nightly rates for vacation rentals too. We used to stay for a week at a time in cabins in the Upper Peninsula. This time I want to do so down south. Again, I searched for Gatlinburg. I found GREAT pricing. Now I’m interested.
I don’t know when our next vacation will be, but I’m hoping it will be pretty soon. When we’re ready I’ll probably take a good look at HotelReservations.com and search out the best deals. I’ll be able to book online easily and will save money.

Now I’m going to get to dreaming about the Smokies….

This post was brought to you by HotelReservations.com.

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