Saturday, September 01, 2007

School Looming on the Horizon

Someone asked me what curriculum we'll be doing this year. I forgot to respond at that time, but after spending hours doing "home economics" with a 5 year old today, I remembered.

For Jonathon (Grade 11):
He's using my free one year tuition with Christian Liberty this year.
Theology: Manual of Christian Doctrine

Literature: Introduction to American Literature (Bob Jones)

Math: Algebra II (Saxon)

History: United States History (Bob Jones)

Science: Biology (Christian Liberty Press)

Government: God & Government Book II

Applications of Grammar Grade 11 (Christian Liberty)

Five Book Reports

Guitar Lessons (Given by yours truly...don't worry. I played in the St. Anthony's Catholic Church guitar group for 10 years and even played for a wedding!)

How Great Thou Art Book II

For Evan (Grade 9):

Theology: Life of Christ (Christian Liberty)

Math: Algebra I (Saxon)

History: Mystery of History Volume II

Language: Applications of Grammar Grade 9 (Christian Liberty)

Logic: Intermediate Logic II (Got the books and videos on E-Bay for $30)

Science: Science of the Physical Creation (A Beka)

Art: How Great Thou Art Book I

Book Reports

Guitar Lessons

For Ryan:

Theology: Various studies through the Bible using worksheets and lesson plans from Gospel Center - We're going to make Rice Krispy worlds next week if that gives you any idea how fun this'll be. We'll be doing lots of memory work too.

History: Mystery of History Volume II (done alongside Evan)

Science: Exploring Creation with Botany (Apologia)

Math: Saxon 54

Grammar: A Beka Grammar grade 4

Reading: Lots and lots of classic books

Art: Drawing Horses (How Great Thou Art)

Spelling: Book 4 with Creation Liberty Press

Latin: Finishing Prima Latina and going forth with Latina Christiana I (Memoria)

Music: Recorder Lessons (again, with me)

For Amanda:

Phonics: Hooked on Phonics continuing from last year. Also we'll be doing Phonics grade 1 workbook to reinforce (Christian Liberty)

Spelling: Book 1 (Christian Liberty)

Bible: The same as Ryan. We'll do them together.

Math: Saxon grade 1

Latin: Prima Latina (Memoria)

History: A Beka Our America grade 1

Art: Continuing Little Annie's Artbook (How Great Thou Art)

Music: Recorder lessons with Ryan

And there you have it -- enough to keep me busy for...for...forever!

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