Monday, September 10, 2007


The Motivation for Moms devotional for today about Hannah praying reminded me of what Amanda told me today. She's never talked to me on her own about what she's learned in Sunday School before unless I prodded her. While working on her phonics page today she just blurts out, "Yesterday in Sunday School my teacher talked about a momma who wanted a baby. She told God, 'Please God, give me a little baby. I've always wanted one.' So God gave her a baby. Isn't that cool?"

I asked who the baby was and she replied, "Samuel."

I asked, "Was the mommy's name Hannah?" She smiled and nodded her head.

It's so nice to hear her talk about what she's learning and that the story meant something to her.

Thanks to all the Sunday School teachers in the world.

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bethanyrae said...

Somehow I was expecting a little different ending to this one.....ha.
Josiah doesn't like being all alone at the tail end of the family. But now it's easier to say....are you sure you want a little brother 10 years younger than you!? But I think he does.