Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Goof Balls

A recipe from Jeff's Aunt Becky, who was a missionary to Africa for several years. Sounds like something easy to do with the younger children.

Goof Balls

Melt in microwavable dish:
36 caramels
1 small can of Eaglebrand milk
2sticks margarine (not butter)
Melt above ingredients in microwave
Dip marshmallows in the above mixture (either hold with toothpick or use a spoon) cover well with caramel mixture
Roll in Rice Krispies (in oblong cake pan) until covered
Place on wax paper over a cookie rack- till set
Eat or store

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Anonymous said...

This recipe sounds great! How did you know I just started trying to be good again in the diet department. Debbie C