Friday, September 21, 2007

Canning List

Wanted to share my list of canning thus far. Still working on tomatoes, but those are about done. Oh...we're expecting severe thunderstorms tonight so I hope the tomatoes in the garden don't split. We can sure use rain on the raspberries since Johnny keeps forgetting to water them!


Green Beans 69 quarts
Cherry Pie Filling 1 pint (but about 25 quarts of frozen cherries to make pie with)
Sweet Pickle Spears 7 pints
Sweet Pickle Relish 6 half-pints
Strawberry jam 6 half-pints
Vegetable Soup 14 quarts
Peaches 33 quarts
Nectarines 7 quarts
Mixed Vegetables 7 quarts
Wild Grape jelly 1 pint
Tomatoes 58 quarts
Pickled Peppers 3 quarts
Spaghetti Sauce 17 quarts
Freezer tomatoes 12 quarts
Applesauce About 17 quarts in freezer
Apple Pie Filling 14 quarts
Tomato Juice 11 quarts

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