Saturday, September 29, 2007

Apples Again

We decided that since today was Jeff's last day of vacation we'd do something. All we did was go out to the Pigeon and pick more apples. This will be the last time of it this year since we had to look high and low for the bushel or so that we found. We've been told that the hunters go out and get them for deer bait, which makes me angry because baiting the deer is illegal. Our area has had problems with TB in the deer population which is one of the reasons you can't feed the deer.

I decided against the ketchup and made a big pot of spaghetti sauce. The ketchup takes a lot of ingredients that I don't have on hand so I went with the stuff that I could make. It needs to boil down a bit more but it's late and I'm tired. I decided to let the sauce cool down and I'll put it in the fridge until tomorrow. I imagine I have 21 pints or more of spaghetti sauce in there. It tastes good but a bit thin yet.

Josh is now gone for a week as he's visiting friends and family. I'm sort of jealous because I didn't get to go too...but he doesn't want to bring his mother. I told him he'd better give his grandma and grandpa a visit or they'll be mad. He has about 20 people to see when he arrives...ha ha! Now you know how we have trouble balancing all the relatives when we go there!

Amanda got stung tonight by hornets. She was playing by the upper garden and got into a hornet's nest. She ran into the house screaming and there were bees on her. We killed one in her hair, which had already stung her head. The stinger was still in there and I had to pull it out. She got stung on the wrist and arm too. I'm glad she isn't allergic like Evan is. We did get a new EpiPen for Evan just the other day, though, so we were prepared for a reaction. I gave her Benedryl right away and she fought me. She has never liked to take oral medications, usually throwing them up. The Benedryl made her sleepy and she didn't eat supper. I'm just praising God that my little girl is ok, as stings can be really bad - we know from experience. Oh dear, she's crabbing that her sting on the wrist hurts still. Yeah, it's going to but at least the swelling has subsided.

I'm researching herbal shampoo recipes tonight. I found a recipe for a "no poo" (sent by a friend) but I'm not sold on that idea yet. There's just something about rubbing baking soda into my scalp and rinsing with apple cider vinegar that isn't appealing. But who knows, I might end up going that route in the end. My hair has been coming out in handfuls and I think it's the chemical compounds in commercial shampoo that's doing it. I was making homemade shampoo but it is soap based and was leaving a soapy buildup on my hair that I didn't like. Hmmmmm. There has to be something better.

Tomorrow's Sunday....look up!

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bethanyrae said...

It's coming out, was that in handfuls did you say? Oh my. I had that happen to me, in my 20's. It was scary, cause I didn't know when it might end, if ever. Every time I ran my hand through my hair lots of hairs would come out. One day I was outside talking to a friend and it was windy, and she kept reaching up and brushing hairs off her face. I finally said, "I'm so sorry, that's my hair...the wind is blowing it off my head. Let's turn around and face the other way!"
It turned out to be this long term antibiotic I was on for pneumonia. Six months. I figured it out, but the doctors had never heard of it doing that. Sure enough, as soon as I went off it, it quit falling out, but I had lost probably half my thickness, and then it started growing back in. My part looked really funny for a while. Like a zebra? Eventually, with haircuts, it was all the same length again.
Let me do a guess for you: diet pop! (ha....I'm on your case again.....) Is there anything else you'd like me to guess for you?
I know....just go away!