Saturday, August 11, 2007


On Thursday, a woman jumped off the Mackinac Bridge. Her body was found a couple of miles west of the bridge. What makes people do those things? This is the second person to jump off this year. It's such a steep drop that it's been likened to jumping from a building onto concrete. You die instantly. Police said that there were attempts to talk her down, but she ended up jumping from the south tower. Since the bridge was first built 50 years ago, a dozen people have committed suicide by jumping from it.

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bethanyrae said...

Hi Rita,
It doesn't look like you had your vacation in Bay City.....did you? Maybe I've just lost track of time and you're back already.
Sad story about the gal on the bridge. We encountered those situations rather frequently in France, often involving the subway. Especially around the time of year the young people have to take this academic test. It pretty much determines whether you'll be a white- or blue-collar worker for the rest of your life. They have a lot of pressure on them. So sad.