Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bridge to Teribithea

Well, we watched Bridge to Teribithea tonight. I found it to be strange in part, but there were a lot of good elements in it. I'm not a fantasy type person so that part was not interesting, but the theme of forgiveness and friendship make for a good read, if you get the book, or watching, if you like movies.

On another note, I canned up 14 more quarts of green beans today. It took me 5 hours total and I was sick of canning by the time I was done, but it now makes me 43 quarts done so far. I have a couple of rows of the second crop of peas coming up nicely. I think the cooler weather does that, though it was pretty warm today. I have almost a gallon bag of dehydrated cilantro, gallon of oregano, quart of basil, and a quart of sage too. I'm hoping the rest of the garden does as well. Has anyone ever harvested coriander seed? I have cilantro that I let go to seed, and the flowers are very pretty. But I'm not sure how to harvest.

Well, gotta go as I want to work on my book tonight before I get sleepy.

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