Friday, June 01, 2007

A Time to be Young-And a Time to Grow Up

Back when my mom was growing up in the 1930s and 1940s, kids quit school all of the time so they could help their families with farm work, money from another job, etc. My mom quit school after the 8th grade and went to work as a waitress. She then gave her paycheck to her parents so they could pay the rent.

Children today don't do that too much anymore. I think I would feel terrible if my children had to work just to help pay bills, but that doesn't mean contributing to the family finances is wrong. After all, they do live there don't they? And more than that, they are the main money zappers in the home. These are just thoughts going on in my head as my oldest son graduates from homeschool.

Tonight our church hosted, with two other churches in town, a grand hurrah for the graduating seniors. Wait a minute...I meant to say ONLY the graduating seniors from our town's PUBLIC SCHOOL. Christian schools, the Catholic school and homeschools were eliminated. Hmmm. This doesn't seem right. Are they saying that the public school kids are the only kids who are REALLY graduating? Needless to say I felt a little miffed that my senior and others from the community were ignored simply because they didn't go to the state school which, by the way, is like way at the bottom of the list in our state for performance.

Once again, it’s time for children to grow up, especially homeschooled kids who are under so much scrutiny from the world. They need to face worldly ignorance with grace.

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bethanyrae said...

Wow...that is so yesterday, that they did that for graduation. Reminds me of the local judge who made a legal decision 12 years ago that a school couldn't be defined as a school if the students weren't all under the same roof at the same time. Duh.... Hope they become aware of what people out in the rest of the world are doing education-wise. Our church recognizes all graduates.
(And I remember that about the school ratings for your town's public school. They were one of only 8 districts in the entire state that didn't pass!)
Oh well. At least your family knows who you are and how you rate! This little town, what do they know? So sorry you had to go through that.