Friday, April 19, 2019

Book Review: The Theft of America's Soul by Phil Robertson

The Theft of America's Soul is written by Phil Robertson,with Seth Haines, and is published by Nelson Books.

Our family is a tad bit Northern Redneck. We have never been to Louisiana but we have watched Duck Dynasty, and we have purchased Duck Commander duck calls. We are conservative Christians who love the outdoors and all the "stuff" that goes with it. Do we like Phil Robertson? Pretty much.

The Theft of America's Soul is a heart-felt book that takes a look at the lies that Satan has told America - lies like "God is dead" and "Laws can be ignored or changed if they are inconvenient". Robertson lists ten lies and gives the truth in response to each one. Then he dedicates the final chapter of the book to "The Truth of Truths".

Phil Robertson doesn't mince any words and his writing style is pretty much the same as his speaking style. He tells it like it is. He also doesn't waste any time when it comes to evangelizing. He's preaching what he believes to be the Gospel truth - the truth of Jesus. I like that.

After having read this book, I have to agree with Robertson that we have been fed a lot of lies. These lies come from Satan himself because, after all, as Robertson points out - he is the father of all lies. The problem is that so many people in America have come to believe these lies, and our country is suffering for it.

I recommend The Theft of America's Soul to anyone who likes to hear the truth, whether it hurts or not. If you are a hater of all things Robertson, you might have a problem with this book. If you have not given your life to Christ, you also might have a problem with this book. A lot of it is taken from the Bible. How do you argue with God? Whether you have a problem with it or not, maybe you could glean something by giving it a chance.

*I have received a copy of The Theft of America's Soul in exchange for my honest opinion. My thoughts are my own.*

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