Monday, October 16, 2017

Book Review - When Did Everybody Else Get So Old? by Jennifer Grant

When Did Everybody Else Get So Old? is written by Jennifer Grant and is published by Herald Press.

Well, I hate to admit that I would even read a book like this. It's about old people and our own ascent into that category. The book is divided up into chapters with titles such as, Elton John Glasses, Death Flickering Like a Pilot Light, and Jury Duty. I think my favorite chapter is Two Truths and a Lie: Parents of Teens Edition. Grant tells it like it is, yet makes you forget that you are reading something that might give you a little bit of insight into yourself. Yes, I realize that I'm not alone. Interesting stuff.

Jennifer Grant is an author who reminds me a wee bit of Patsy Clairmont. If you don't know who she is, get on Google and find out. Grant's writing is humorous, yet somehow is filled with truth. I resonate with her.

The bottom line is that When Did Everybody Else Get So Old? is full of humor, truth, wisdom, and some good storytelling. It's one of those books that you get and put on your shelf to read again later, when you forget that life is hard at any age.

*I received a copy of When Did Everybody Get So Old? in exchange for my honest review. My opinions are my own.*
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