Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Book Review: Portrait of Vengeance by Carrie Stuart Parks

Portrait of Vengeance is written by Carrie Stuart Parks and is published by Thomas Nelson.

Before I gush on this book, I want to first give you a brief synopsis. Gwen Marcey is a forensic artist who practically begs to be given the assignment of a missing child in Lapwai, Idaho because the location, and the details of the case, are something similar to her own experiences as a child. She ends up going out there to find that she is an outsider and, in fact, a target. The investigation goes very slowly while Gwen finds more and more similarities with this case and her own. In the meantime, her life is in danger.

The ending is probably one you won't see coming.

One I picked up this book, I had trouble putting it back down. I think I finished it in record time because it really is that suspenseful and well-written. Obviously, Parks is an accomplished author, but she is also a real life forensic artist. That said, I can confidently say that she knows her stuff. The writing is crisp and, at times, humorous. Parks' ability to keep the suspense going until the end is amazingly well done.

Now I have to go out and find the other books by Carrie Stuart Parks.

*I received a copy of Portrait of Vengeance in exchange for my honest opinion. My thoughts are my own.*

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