Monday, July 03, 2017

Menu Plan Monday - July 3

Tomorrow is Independence Day here in the United States. Our family never really gets to celebrate in grand style, as my husband and one of my sons has to work. However, that can't diminish our patriotic spirit. In spite of all of the political tension as of late, we are still living in a great country filled with people who still have a heart beating for God. Granted, that number of believers dwindles a bit every year. My prayer is that our nation's people turn their hearts back to Him.

I have created my menu plan to be (for the most part) easy on the digestive system. The way big agriculture has messed with the food supply is appalling and, I believe, has caused innumerable health issues for many people. We have a large garden and are now raising our own chickens (mostly for eggs). We have plans to obtain sheep someday to raise for meat (I don't eat meat except on rare occasions, but the rest of the family is quite carnivorous). Our property is too small to fit cattle, though I would love to have a few steers. Ah, the farmer's daughter in me has never left.

Here is my plan for the week:


Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Asparagus Soup
Leftover Pies


Bean Burgers
Hot Dogs
Creamy White Bean Dip
Roasted Veggies


Chicken Tenders
Baked Potatoes
Green Beans


Mashed Potatoes
Sugar Snap Peas


Pizza & Pop


Rice-Steak-Veggie Stir-fry


On Your Own

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