Sunday, October 27, 2013

Book Review - The First Christmas Night by Keith Christopher

Do I ever have a beautiful Christmas picture book for you to read to your little ones! The First Christmas Night is written by Keith Christopher and is illustrated by Christine Kornacki (The Sparkle Box) and is published by Ideals Children's Books.

Keith Christopher might not be a name you know very well, but he is actually an award winning composer and lyricist as well as an author. His music has even been performed at the National Christmas Tree lighting. It is not surprising, then, to read a book he has written and find yourself almost singing the words as you go.

The First Christmas Night is written as a poem and, if it reminds you of T'was the Night Before Christmas, it has done what it is supposed to. In fact, the poetry is modeled after the Clement Clarke Moore classic. However, this beautiful book is not at all about reindeer and Santa Claus. Rather, it is the true story of Jesus' birth in a manger to his earthly parents, Mary and Joseph.

Children will love all 32 pages of the story and those reading it to them will love the lyrical prose and the beauty of God's greatness as He brought His Son, our Savior, into the world some 2,000 years ago. This story of God's grace and redemption is as relevant today as it was on that first night. We need to be sure we tell our children what the first Christmas is all about. It is not about presents, trees, elves, and the like. It is about a beautiful baby boy - fully God and fully man - born in a lowly stable in Bethlehem so that sinners like you and I can live with Him eternally one day.

At the back of the book is a plus for parents and grandparents as they seek to teach their little ones about Christ and Christmas. Scripture taken from Luke and Matthew will enhance your family devotion time during the Christmas season.

I loved reading The First Christmas Night. I think you will too.

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