Saturday, March 16, 2013

Book Review - God's Not Dead, by Rice Broocks

God's Not Dead: Evidence for God in an Age of Uncertainty is written by Rice Broocks and is published by Thomas Nelson.

Back in earlier days, I remember hearing it said, "God is dead." Of course, those saying, and publishing it, did not mean that God physically died. They meant that He never ceased to exist and that He was no longer relevant to society. The question for us today is, "Is God alive?" Rice Broocks would say a resounding, YES!

God's Not Dead gives the believer plenty of assurance that a full load of evidence proves we serve a real and living God. If there is no God, as atheists attempt to prove, there is no point to life, morality, or humanity itself.

Rice Broocks explains very well the beliefs of agnostics, atheists, and evolutionists. Only a fool would say it doesn't take great leaps of faith to believe that nonsense. Only through faith in the God of the Bible can we find true meaning and purpose for anything.

I found this book to be so exciting and energizing that I had a difficult time putting it down. As time goes on, I get more excited about the return of Christ. We live in an electrifying time. Think of all the advances in modern science - like the discovery of DNA. Wow! Talk about grand design!

You'll read much about DNA (though not so much in technical terms as practical terms) and other valuable evidence for a Master Designer in God's not Dead. Run out and get a copy or ask your local librarian to get it for you. I'd recommend that all Christians and non-Christians alike, from high school and beyond, read it.

*I received a copy of God's not Dead in exchange for my honest opinion. Opinion expressed is my own.*



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Pia said...

hi rita. rice broocks is the co-founder of the every nation church where i attend here. our church here is called victory christian fellowship and is under the umbrella of the every nation family of churches. i met him once when he came here to the philippines.