Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Extraordinary Blessings in Ordinary Places

People don't seem to know how to make the most of things anymore. If they don't have lots of money, lots of stuff, or perfect everything, they want to give up. We have seen an increase in suicides in our county this year. What's going on?

I have resolved that I will search for the blessings that come from God in the midst of depressing circumstances. 

Lately, I've felt my heart nearly bursting from all of the wonderful things that God has done in our family and in my life. From the little things like ladies coming into the library just to talk - and tell me that I bring them joy, to the huge answers to prayer, to knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am saved by the blood of Jesus: extraordinary blessings are all heaped upon me. 

The question really is, do I recognize the blessings when they blandly appear in the most ordinary places and circumstances? 

Lord, let me never fail to see You - an extraordinary God who works in extraordinary ways in the most ordinary of places.

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