Friday, October 05, 2012

Book Review - Guardian by Heather Burch

Guardian is written by Heather Burch and published by Zondervan. It is the second book in the Hafling Novel Neries.

Having not read the first offering of the Hafling Novel Series, I was a little slow to get into this book. However, as I read more and more into it, I found myself immersed and, quite frankly, very interested in what would happen next. The idea of a "hafling" is that people and angels produced offspring called haflings. This is taken from the book of Genesis (chapter 6) in which God said there were Nephilim living on the earth.

In Guardian, Mace and Raven (haflings) vie for the love of Nikki (human). Nikki has special "sight" and knows when something dangerous - involving the demons and underworld - is going to happen. Things get really dangerous as it becomes clear who the mastermind is behind the crimes. Mace and Raven must stay focused on their charge - to protect Nikki. Can they stay focused or will their feelings toward Nikki blur their vision?

As I said earlier, I was a little slow getting into the story, but by the time I got a third of the way into the book, I found myself really enjoying it. This whole spiritual warfare is exciting to think about because it is real. As believers in Jesus Christ, we know that there are angels all around us fighting off demons sent by Satan. The average Christian would do well to keep that in mind. Prayer is the most effective weapon we have.

*I received an advanced reader copy of Guardian from NetGalley.*

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