Thursday, May 17, 2012

Let's Talk Organic

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Whitney Farms for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

You know that I love all things organic, especially when it comes to food. You might also know that I love fresh vegetables and fruits - and that I tend to lean away from animal products.

I am excited about this year's garden! For years, my rhubarb plants have not done well. If I got a handful of rhubarb during the spring and summer months, I was doing well. This year, I called my friend, Debbie, and asked her what I could do for my rhubarb - after all, she is the one who gave me my oldest plant. Her reply? FERTILIZE! She said that you cannot overfertilize rhubarb. I have tried using conventional fertilizers in the past, but have had not the best results. This year is different.

Well, in March I gave it a large dose of natural fertilizer (a.k.a. cow manure) and voila! I have rhubarb that is growing rapidly.


I have since been looking everywhere for organic fertilizers and organic plant food like mad. I refuse to put chemicals into my soil, prefering an organic soil.

Organic Plant Food

Growing organically means eating organically, translating into a healthier body for all of us.

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Whitney Farms® is an organic company specializing in all things organic - plant food, fertilizer, etc. NO stinky manure smell but with beneficial microbes and the nutrients that your plants need - and done without harmful chemicals.

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Susan Herlan said...

I have been using bunny poop from my rabbit! Couldn't get anymore natural or organic than that!....My rhubarb is enormous! I have had many people comment on how BIG my rhubarb is! :)

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