Monday, May 07, 2012

Book Review and a Giveaway - MOMumental by Jennifer Grant

**This giveaway is now closed.**

I read a phenomenal book about motherhood last week. MOMumental by Jennifer Grant (Worthy Publishing) is one of those honest looks at parenting. This is not a lecture book. This is not a serious manual for new moms. What this book encompasses is a realistic look at mothering.

Jennifer Grant is a mother of four children - two boys and two girls. In this book, she takes a sentimental look back at the time when her children were small and she was taking motherhood seriously - perhaps too seriously. She also takes a peek into the future and, in doing so, realizes that raising children is a "messy art" and that she'll never do it perfectly. She will, however, have done it well.

There is hope for all of the moms out there who feel that they aren't doing a tidy job of making sure  their kids are right with the world. I laughed, cried, and cheered with Jennifer as she eloquently told her story of her family. And there you have it. While all of us moms will resonate with this particular mom, we won't have the same story. We're all different and we're raising different kids. At the same time, we're all in this "messy art of raising a family" together. We need to encourage each other with a pat on the back or a shoulder on which to cry. As Jennifer Grant says, "I am grateful for my own happy, idiosyncratic, and imperfect family and the culture we are creating together. I'm doing my best to raise strong children, not broken adults. I wish all of this for you too."


I'm giving away one copy of MOMumental to a commenter on this blog. To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment telling me something about your family, be they children, dogs, cats, whatever. I'll randomly choose a winner on May 21 and mail out the book soon after. This contest is open to United States residents only.


Brooke Adametz said...

We have 2 toddlers (2 and 4), one lab, and we hope to grow our family in the future! :)

Amanda said...

I have four kids. My sons are 10, 7 and 3. My daughter is 5.

keri said...

I loved this book as well! Jennifer Grant is so honest and refreshing. I already have a copy of the book so you don't have to enter me in your drawing, just wanted to highly recommend this very encouraging book!

Anonymous said...

I am a first time mom to a beautiful baby girl who is now 7 weeks old. I have a great husband in the military and we are doing the best we can but nobody told me this parenting thing would be so hard! I feel blessed to have started such a beautiful family though.

Sara.stewart at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

We are a military family of 4. I have two daughters that are 10 and 5. This book looks fantastic! thanks trishbazin(at)

Victoria said...

I have two boys - ages 2 and 10 months.

Stephanie said...

I have twin girls who just turned four. This book seems great!